Social media strategies for fashion brands are key elements

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Social media strategies for fashion brands are key elements

Social media is more than just posting content and hoping that it resonates with your target audiences. It’s not enough to post content just for the sake of posting content.

A strategy is essential. It’s a plan of action that will help you focus on the content you share across social media in order to achieve your fashion business goals. A strategy will help you generate followers, engagement and sales. What does that strategy look? These are the 10 steps to help you create your strategy.

Select the right platform

Each social media platform is full of potential customers. Some social media platforms are more likely to generate sales than others. Statista says that Instagram and Facebook are the best places to discover, buy, or learn more about fashion apparel.

It doesn’t require much additional work to run an effective Instagram ad campaign from the Facebook Ads Manager, since Facebook (now Meta), owns Instagram.


Over 48 million UK Facebook users are active. Nearly four out of ten Facebook users claim that they have found fashion inspiration through the site. The opportunity to reach new audiences and build brand loyalty via Facebook is too great to ignore.

It is also important to remember that Facebook’s platform is a great place to target 18-34-year old fashion buyers. Particularly, women claim that they get fashion inspiration from celebrities and influencers on Facebook.


According to a Facebook survey, Instagram is the most popular place to find fashion products. You can reach 28 million Instagram users in the UK by creating a fashion social media strategy.

What kind of content should you post on Instagram? Research has shown that Instagram’s mobile-created stories ads outperform those produced on Instagram.

Additionally, don’t forget to add a call-to action on your Instagram Stories if you are going the advertising route. A CTA-enabled ad is 89% more effective.


Although smaller eCommerce companies are more likely to execute Facebook ads, especially if they have a lower budget, it is worth noting that bigger fashion brands such as Chanel with over 1.9million subscribers and Louis Vuitton with 909,000 subscribers are big players on YouTube.

Luxury fashion brands dominate the space by creating original content via their YouTube channels and not only using paid advertising.

Strike Social’s report found that YouTube has a $0.026 average cost per view, while its average view rate of 31.9%.


Snapchat is a great platform for storyselling via Snap Ads or Story Ads. Snapchat is used by just 14% of Snapchat users to discover new products. However, over a quarter of Snapchat users purchase when they find something they like.

Snap Inc. reports on content formats that discover content commercials increase ad recognition by as high as 65%. This is in reference to the effectiveness and efficiency of video ads on the platform.


Although TikTok may be the newest kid on the block, it should not be overlooked as a potential avenue for revenue generation. Your fashion brand may need to adopt a more natural approach to creating video content ads. The time investment is worthwhile: the platform is used by more than one billion people.


Pinterest is a visual social network where users can “Pin” items onto virtual boards. Pins from native shopping — those saved to Pinterest by a website — offer savvy brands a new way to get their products seen by new eyes.

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