These are the Best Skirts For Your Style

Skirts are in fashion again. Skirts can be worn to exude feminine, flirty style or just to dress up your everyday look. They’ve come a long way. There are many styles to choose from: minis, maxis and tulips. Learn how to style different skirts according to your style.

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Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts have been back in fashion for a while, but now they are enjoying a revival. The maxi skirt comes in bold colors and is a must-have for boho-chic women, street-style mavens as well as professional fashionistas. The maxi skirt’s cinched waistline, ankle-lengthening length and rounded silhouette create a flattering effect for those with petite figures and balances out pear-shaped people. For extra lengthening legs, pair it with a wedge shoe and a basic fitted shirt to highlight your figure.

The Midi Skirt

The midi-skirt is here! The midi-skirt is a must-have for every fashionista. This demure piece flatters every body shape and adds style to any outfit without looking too flimsy. What’s the best thing? It can be worn for any occasion. It could be called the “chameleon” of skirts. The maxi’s cousin, the high waist, has the same effect as the maxi. It shows off just enough of your ankle and calf to give you some #WarmWeatherVibes.

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Tank and pencil skirt

The Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is the go-to for business women. While pencil skirts are an essential piece for professionals, they can be worn in many other places than the office. The pencil skirt is a staple for preppy ladies. It has a sleek structure and clean lines that hug the hips. Pair it with a floral, billowing blouse for a touch of romance.

Stylist Tip – Pencils skirts tend to cling to your curves so we recommend being simple with accessories. Low heels can still lengthen the legs, but not feel too high.

The Skater Skirt

Summer breeze makes me feel…like wearing skirts that have some flounce! A sweet skater skirt gives you the opportunity to spin and twirl in joy no matter what the weather. Flaunting a skater skirt can be worn by anyone, and it will add movement to your appearance. Do you want to look stiff while having a picnic or attending an outdoor concert? You wouldn’t believe so.

Stylist tip: Let your skirt do all the styling. Are your bottoms making a statement? For a head to toe look, balance it with muted colors and subtle structure.

The Mini Skirt

Mini skirts are great for showing off more than just a little leg. Va-va-voom. The mini skirt is a statement piece. But don’t let its short hemline fool you. Mini skirts are versatile. You can go bold with a moto jacket or low-heeled boots. Or keep it simple and sweet with a button-down blouse and leather slippers. Perfect for vacation (or any other type of staycation).

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The A-Line Skirt

So fine, the A-line! The A-line skirt is perfect for those with laid back and athletic shapes. The A-line skirts are similar to the pencil skirt but more flirty. They hug your hips closely. The bottom is flared out so it can be worn with a sportier, more relaxed look. Mix and match styles with a feminine off-the shoulder blouse and sporty sneakers.

It’s versatile, cute, and functional. This is a fashion triple threat and it deserves serious praises. We are all for the revival of the skirt.