Summer Fashion for Men 2022

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Key Trends to Make a Splash

It’s heating up and you need to put your style on cruise control. It’s summertime, so put your bulky winter jackets and boots behind you. You don’t have to do any of the hard work, just relax, and enjoy the sun. This is our summer trending guide. Are you feeling the heat or are you just enjoying summer? It’s definitely you.

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Men’s Summer 2022 Fashion Trend Spotlight – Prep Yourself For Preppy Style

Are you looking to add some prep to your summer? We are happy to say yes. This all-American fashion trend will be a summer 2022 men’s style. Men’s preppy style includes tailored blazers and polo shirts for men, as well as chino shorts and anything striped or plaid. These heritage pieces can be given a summertime twist by choosing sun-washed colors. What does it mean to be sun-washed? Imagine summer’s brightest colors going through the washer a few times. The fabric is luxurious and has a lived-in, retro California feel.

Casual? A sun-washed, striped polo shirt and coordinating shorts in light colours are the best way to go casual. You’ll be the poster child of prep if you pair your outfit with crisp white sneakers. You can easily dress up your preppy look for occasions that require more finesse, such as summer weddings. A button-down shirt can be worn under a stylishly striped seersucker jacket and coral chino trousers. The outfit you choose to wear to your next summer event will inspire Ralph Lauren.

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Men’s Summer 2022 Fashion Trend Spotlight – Explore the Great Outdoors with Gorpcore Style

If fashion meets functionality sounds appealing, then the men’s gorpcore trend for guys is the right choice. In 2022, this sartorial take on spring fashion is still a popular summer trend for men. This street style approach is great for anyone who can go from a coffee shop to hiking in no time. You might not know that gorpcore means “good ol’ raisins and peanuts”. Carry a bag of trail mix in your luggage to fuel your outdoor adventures.

Men’s Fashion Trend Spotlight for Summer 2022: Wear Comfortable Workwear to Crush Your 9-to-5

Comfortable workwear is the most popular work-from-home fashion trend. This “business comfort” look, also known as the workleisure aesthetic continues to be a popular trend in summer 2022 menswear. You don’t have to give up comfort for your career just because you’re returning to work. Are you unsure what workwear or workwear should look like? Let us help you understand what workleisure or comfortable workwear is. Workleisure, at its core, is clothing that offers comfort and functionality in leisurewear but is suitable for work. Think structured joggers, thick T-shirts, and polished sneakers mixed with classic career wear.

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Men’s Summer Fashion 2022: Styles For Outdoor Activities

Summer’s long days mean that you will have more time to do activities. Enjoy the sun outdoors. What will 2022 be like for men? Match your outfit to the activity you are planning. Do you want to be one with nature while on a hike? Or on the links? Perhaps your day should be spent getting some vitamin D and then taking a dip in a pool. We have you covered, no matter what your summer adventure. We guarantee that there won’t be a harsh summer in your future.

Take to the trails in men’s summer wear

Summer day trips to the mountains offer lower temperatures and shade under the canopy of mature trees. It’s easy to see why hiking is such a popular outdoor activity all year. It takes some planning to hike in summer. It’s important to be able to map out your route well and have plenty of water with you. Remember the GORP.


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