Outfit Options for Graphic Tees

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Although a band shirt might seem like a limited item, there are many uses for this essential wardrobe piece. If you’re skilled at styling graphic tees, you’ll find plenty of options. Find inspiration on how to dress up and down your graphic T-shirt collections.

What are Graphic Tees?

Graphic tees, short-sleeve shirts with a prominently displayed design element such as a logo or print, are short-sleeve shirts. Graphic T-shirts, which are often made of cotton, are a popular choice for band merchandise because they prominently display an image that is associated with the brand or fashion brand. Graphic tees are available in a variety of styles, including crop tops, oversized and sleeveless.

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How to style graphic t-shirts

Graphic tees are a versatile piece of your wardrobe. These are some ideas for how to wear your graphic tees.

You can dress it up. Because of its casual nature, a graphic or band shirt may not be appropriate for a formal event such as a wedding. For casual events or night outs, you can dress up your favorite graphic tee by pairing it with a blazer.

Layer different colors and textures. Layering with different textures and colors can create a contrast between the texture and color of a graphic tee. For a fun, fall look, a graphic tee can be worn under a chunky cardigan or paired with a long-sleeve button up for a retro feel. A classic retro look is to wear your T-shirt with jeans underneath a leather jacket. Tan France, fashion expert, shares her tips for creating layered looks by mixing different textures of clothing.

It can be worn as part of a denim outfit: A graphic tee with jeans is a good choice for casual wear, whether you are wearing skinny jeans or a denim jacket to give it a rock ‘n roll vibe. A graphic tee and denim-on–denim is a great option for a casual but bold look.

Take a larger size: A large T-shirt can open up many possibilities. For an exercise-chic look, pair it with leggings or bike shorts, white sneakers and tube socks. You can also wear an oversize graphic tee and baggy jeans to get the grunge-revival look.

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It can be tucked into a skirt: You can make a variety impressions depending on what type of skirt you choose. For a new take on an office-appropriate look, tuck your shirt into a midi skirt like a pencil skirt. To draw attention to your lower half’s print, you can also tuck the shirt into a maxi skirt with a patterned pattern. This is how to style a long-skirted skirt with different outfits.

Five ways to style a sweater vest

Although the argyle sweater vest is the most popular knitwear staple, there are many other styles, colors, and patterns available. These five sweater vest outfits will help you get some ideas for how to incorporate the item into your wardrobe.

What is a Sweater Vest?

A sweater vest is a long-sleeved knitwear top with a V neck collar and pullover. Although it is a timeless piece of preppy attire that has been popularized for decades, the sweater vest trend has evolved to include other styles.

How to style a sweater vest?

A sweater vest can add texture or color contrast to many outfits. These style tips will help you to consider all the options.

You can go for a preppy classic look: While a button-up shirt and blazer with a cashmere sweater vest or blazer is conservative, a bright-colored sweater vest can make the look more modern. Tan France, fashion expert, shares her tips on color-coordinating clothing.

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Embrace monochrome: A solid-colored sweater vest can be matched with clothes from the same color family. A simple outfit can be made more interesting by pairing a cable-knit sweater vest in beige with a turtleneck and khakis.

Try different sizes and cuts: Cropped sweater vests can be worn over a shirt or under a cardigan to create a more fitted look. For a casual look, you can pair an oversized sweater vest and leggings. Combining your oversized vest and a pair baggy jeans will create a retro street-style look.

Mix and match prints: Mix and match patterns to create an outfit that is bold and different. Layer a long-sleeved shirt with pattern and a sweater vest. To avoid clashing, choose different-sized patterns with some common color. Tan France, fashion expert, knows a lot about mixing prints.

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A sweater vest can be paired with a white T-shirt: The classic look of a sweater vest worn over a white Tshirt is from the ’90s, while ’90s fashion trends are making a comeback. You can dress up the look with hoop earrings, or with formal shoes. Or you can keep it casual with jeans.


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