Designs Ideas: Incorporate Wicker into Your Bathroom

Wicker will bring warmth and charm to a dull and cold bathroom. Wicker accents and furniture can be combined with traditional bathroom furniture or other wicker pieces. Below are five design ideas that will help transform your dull bathroom into a natural wicker bathroom.

5 Design Ideas

Hang a Wicker Mirror

A Wicker Mirrors can be hung on the bathroom wall. Choose a size that suits your bathroom. You can enhance your view above the sink with round, oval or rectangular mirrors that match the decor. Mirrors large enough to make a room appear larger are great for dressing up. To accent walls, choose smaller mirrors.

Hang a Wicker Wall Cabinet

Wall cabinets made of wicker can be used to decorate boring walls and add extra storage space. They can be hung above or in an open space on the wall where it is easy to access the contents. Wall cabinets come in many styles, including those with an external shelf and towel bar. These cabinets are beautiful and enhance any decor.

Hang a Wicker Wall Shelf

Wicker wall shelves are great for photos, knick knacks and miscellaneous toiletries. There are many options for decor, including single and multi-tier shelves in different colors. Wicker wall shelves are most effective when hung just above or below the eye level.

Wicker Towel Cabinet

Many bathrooms can be fitted with wicker floor cabinets. They will store towels and other bathroom items, keeping them out of sight. Two doors are usually provided for accessing the shelves within wicker towel cabinets. Your bathroom should be chosen as the location for your floor cabinet. The cabinet should be placed so that you have easy access to the contents, but not block any air vents or other facilities. It should be placed so that anyone walking past the bathroom door can see its face.

Wicker Waste Basket

A waste basket is essential for every bathroom. The best basket to use is a wicker basket. They can be rectangular, round, or oval. You can coordinate color and shape with accents and furniture. Choose colors that complement the bathroom decor. It is important to make sure that the waste basket is visible and not hidden when it’s out in public.


These design ideas will enhance your bathroom decor and bring joy to your smile.