14 Types Of Baseball Hats: How To Wear A Baseball Hat

What are Baseball Hats?

Baseball caps are snug-fitting hats made of flexible, soft materials such as cotton, wool, acrylic or polyester. Baseball caps are made from a few pieces of fabric that fit around the crown of the head. The brim extends from the front of each hat to prevent the run from reaching the eyes.

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There are three types of baseball caps available. The profile refers to the height of the crown. There are many styles to choose from, including brims, colors, and fits. Baseball players first wore baseball caps as part of their uniform. They provided sun protection and shielded the eyes.

14 Types Of Baseball Hats

Baseball caps are a great way to protect your eyes and head from the sun, no matter if you’re wearing them as part of an outfit or as part of an athletic uniform. There are 14 different styles of baseball caps that you can choose from.

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  1. Fitted cap: This hat is snugly fitted to the head and doesn’t have an adjustable strap.
  2. Snapback cap: Snapback caps have a plastic strap that adjusts to the head using plastic snaps.
  3. Strapback cap: The strapback cap is similar to the snapback. It also has adjustable size. The cap is made of fabric and has the same sides lined with Velcro.
  4. Cap with elastic band: at back that allows for flexibility
  5. Five-panel cap: A baseball cap’s crown is typically made up of multiple panels of fabric that are sewn together. A five-panel cap is sometimes called a camp cap. It is composed of five panels of fabric that are sewn together. The back of the crown is formed by four panels that are equal in size. The fifth panel, which is larger, is located at the cap’s front. Manufacturers can embroider different designs on the front of the cap without having to interrupt a seam.
  6. Six-panel cap: A six panel cap features six triangular pieces made of fabric that are sewn together at the crown. The panels of the cap are usually the same color.
  7. Seven-panel cap: These hats combine the best of both five-panel and six-panel caps. Triangular pieces are joined together in a similar fashion to a six-panel cap. The front is covered by the seventh panel which is also similar to the five. Manufacturers will be able to embroider an unbroken design on the front panel of the hat.

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  1. Structured cap: A structured cap made of buckram is made from a structured material that will retain its shape after being removed from the head.
  2. Unstructured cap: A unstructured cap is made from a softer, less structured fabric that loses its shape when it’s taken off the head of the wearer.
  3. Flat brim cap: A flat-brimmed cap has a flat bill (the front part of the hat’s visor) instead of a curved.
  4. Curved brim Cap: The edges of the bill are curved to block the sun from the wearer’s peripheral vision.
  5. Sandwich-bill caps: A sandwichbill cap is a cap that has a thicker, more rounded brim. It usually features three panels of fabric sandwiched together to form the brim. The middle panel contrasts the color of the outside panels.
  6. Trucker cap: This style is reminiscent of trucker caps that drivers wear on the roads. These hats come in different sizes, but they all have a loose fitting plastic mesh backing or netting.
  7. Dad cap: A dad hat is a low-profile, loosely fitting hat that is lightweight and unstructured.

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