What is Plus Size Clothing? The Stitch Fix Approach

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Imagine this: You’re walking through a museum when a striking Renaissance painting depicting a plus-sized woman catches you eye. The beauty of curvy female forms was a fascination for the masters of such works. We are witnessing a new rebirth in the 21st Century, where we embrace individual beauty of all types. Stitch Fix responded to the call and launched plus-size clothing featuring a mix of established brands and exclusive styles. Our goal? Our goal? To reach more people to help them find the looks they love.

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What is plus-size?

Did you know that the average size for a woman is 16-18 years old? Plus-size clothing is a key component of retail today. It brings in often-ignored sizes into fashion. Lane Bryant, a 1920s advertising entrepreneur, introduced the first “slenderizing”, plus-size clothing. Over the past 100 year, plus-size clothing has evolved. Now, fashion and style are more important than functionality. It-girls like Ashley Graham, Tess Holliday, and Lizzo are pushing for inclusivity. We’re proud to be among them. Continue reading to learn more about the unique characteristics of plus-size clothing.

What’s the difference between plus-size and straight-size clothing sizes?

Many women don’t know what their proper clothing size is. It’s difficult to go from straight to plus sizes. A straight size XXL doesn’t mean a 1X or 2X. Plus sizes are different from straight sizes. How often have you ever asked the question “What size am I?” Plus-size clothing is usually a woman’s 18 or greater. “Missy” and “straight” sizes are 00-16/18, which XXS-XXL, while plus sizes range between 12W-28W.

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Plus sizes may seem like they are only extended straight sizes. But, this is a mistake. Plus-size clothing is tailored to your body and cut differently. While bones and muscles are the same for women, our bodies can change over time. The torso can become longer as the shoulders grow and fill out. Also, hips and thighs can become larger. Plus sizes are made from a different standard pattern to straight sizes. Were you as intrigued as we were?

What are the cuts for plus-size clothing patterns?

Let’s spend a moment to discuss patternmaking and standard patterns. One size is created by a standard garment pattern. Then, other sizes can be cut by changing the measurements. Grading is the process of moving from one size to the next. Plus-size clothing is designed to fit your curves and shape. Patterns give you more volume in your bust, upper arms and torso. A straight XXL will not fit the same as a plus-size 2X. Although sizes can vary by brand, these are the main principles that underpin most plus-size clothing.

Stitch Fix – Plus-Size Clothing

Stitch Fix’s plus-size clothing emphasizes your curves. To ensure the perfect fit, we take into account your body’s shape. What makes us different? We listen. We listen. We learn. We build products with your feedback. All sizes are considered equal. We strive to ensure inclusiveness by ensuring that all products fit well. We have done all the research so that you can show off your best features with style.

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Plus-Size Clothing: Fit and Quality with Stitch Fix

Let’s get technical! Stitch Fix is all in quality and comfort. We have a special team that specializes in this type of work. The technical design team uses their plus-fit expertise and ingenious solutions to help our clients. We have the science to make your figure look great by adjusting the fit. Stitch Fix uses plus dress forms as well as live models. All of our plus-size clothing is made with movement in mind.

Stitch Fix Plus Size Clothing Brand Focus

We are committed to improving plus sizing and highlighting it more than ever as retailers reduce their plus-size clothing selections. Our exclusive Stitch Fix brands use a different body standard. These exclusive brands are only available at Stitch Fix and take into consideration body proportions. Stitch Fix creates 50% of its plus-size brands keeping this fit focus in view. Two of our clients’ favorites are Market & Spruce, and 41 Hawthorn. They could be yours.

Plus-Size Clothing: You’re Ready for Anything

It’s easy to find flattering, stylish pieces for any occasion if you know the right cuts and silhouettes. Stitch Fix is committed to size-inclusivity in all categories. We proudly offer a wide range of options for every budget, style, and shape. Plus-size clothing can be worn anywhere, from the office to work to the gym. Check out these wardrobe essentials that you should have in your closet.

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Sporty Activewear, and Leisurely Loungewear

Get the latest activewear trends for a fashion boost. You can work out in style with our trendy activewear pieces for plus-size women. We have something for everyone, from neutrals and matching sets to bright colors and conversational prints. For this season’s hot trend, style biker shorts and printed leggings with cropped tops. We carry compression fabrics that are durable and have strong seams to ensure comfort, performance, and function. The four-way stretch allows for extra movement, whether you’re doing a Peloton spin or a steady hand at the barre. When working out, be sure to look for fabrics that are anti-odor, moisture-wicking and quick-drying.


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