Reasons Kimono Robes Are So Popular

The most well-known traditional Japanese garment is the kimono. Although it is most commonly called the Japanese national costume it can be found in many styles and embellishments. It was once a staple accessory for Japanese people, but it is now a necessity.

Traditional Japanese clothing comes in many styles, depending on the person’s age, gender, and profession. These are some of the reasons kimono robes should be a part of your wardrobe:

1. Kimono Robes Are Comfortable To Wear
Because of their comfort, cotton kimono robes make a great choice for everyday robes. Contrary to yukata kimono robes don’t require the use of obi belts and other accessories. To wrap the kimono robes around the waist, you can use a matching sash. You can also purchase these cotton kimono-robes in a cotton satin finish that enhances the colors of the garments.

2. Silk Kimono Robes Give Luxurious Feeling
Silk is a desirable item of clothing that everyone wants to wear. Comfort is the most important thing in silk kimono and robes. Particularly, Japanese silk is known for its creativeness, having been handed down from generation to generation.

Natori silk robes, like others, have an inherent structure and hypoallergenic qualities that make them more appropriate for use on all skin types. This makes them more accessible and useful as accessories. Silk’s thick structure prevents dust and mites gathering in the fabric, protecting its user day and night.

3. Kimono robes come in a variety of styles and sizes
Kimono robes are a fashionable choice because of their elegant and luxurious appearance. You can use these robes as loungewear or outerwear.

In the past, a kimono was worn around the ankles. However, women’s kimono are longer and more relaxed at the hip. You can also find kimono sleeves that reach all the way down to the ground in several variations of the classic kimono.

4. Kimono Robes Are Breathable

Others find that robes can be too bulky or heavy to wear in summer. This makes them inappropriate attire. This is often due the fabric composition of robes. Kimono robes are perfect for relaxation, especially in hot weather. It is extremely lightweight, cool, and breathable. This garment has many benefits, including breathability and coolness.

5. Kimono Robes Add Flair To Your Everyday Look
A kimono robe can be a great way to dress up your jeans and tees. This outfit is best suited for skinny jeans. You can also make your look more interesting by wearing a kimono robe with a pattern over your t-shirt. If you want a more sophisticated look, you can wear a plain shirt with a satin sleeve instead of a patterned one. It’s possible to choose a color that matches the colors of your clothing.

6. Kimono robes can be worn with summer dresses

These kimono-robes are perfect for summer because of their lightweight and flowing nature. They are great with short summer dresses. This gives the dress a more fuller look than a smaller one. This is an excellent option for both short and long gowns.

A robe that matches your dress can be chosen for a monochromatic, subtle effect. If you are looking for something more striking, a robe in contrasting colors might be an option.

7. Kimono Robes Can Complement With Contrasting Fabrics
Fashionistas often enjoy breaking the rules. Mixing textures and patterns can spice up an outfit. Silk can be elegant and luxurious. You don’t have to pair your silk kimono and something delicate. Why not go for something more rugged? A ladylike outfit can be given a touch of elegance by adding leather. If you feel adventurous, pair it with leather slacks and simple shirt or a pair of leather boots.

8. Kimono Robes Can Add Style To Your Swimwear

Kimono robes make great swimsuit covers because they are easy to put on and take down. You can wear your kimono under your bikini, one-piece or one-piece when the sun sets and you are looking to relax or go out. Kimonos of mid-length are best worn with swimwear. They can be belted or open, depending on your preference.

9. You Can Add Some Bohemian Vibes In Kimono Robes
A lace kimono will give your outfit a bohemian feel. A kimono robe with embellishments is a great addition to any wardrobe.

For a night on the town, a lace kimono in either black or white is a beautiful choice. Choose a lace kimono in a bright color if you like a more informal style. These kimonos are fragile and prone for tearing so make sure you don’t get your nails caught in the lace.

10. Kimono robes look best when paired with other accessories

Accessorize your kimono-robe clothes by adding accessories. These robes do not have a collar so you can add style to your look by adding a scarf or necklace. Even if you have your hair down, a pair a studs or hoop is always a good idea.

You should choose a purse that complements your clothes. When choosing the right size and type of bag, it is important to consider your style preferences. You might be surprised at how many uses a kimono can have. These style tips will make you want to never leave your robe at the house again.

Because of its versatility, kimono robes can be styled in many different ways. This makes it easy to create a look that is both stylish and comfortable. A kimono robe can be a great alternative if you don’t want to spend the extra money on a genuine kimono. You can find it in many sizes and shapes. It is great for lounging around or dressing up.