You’ve probably heard of Bombas Socks for Woman. But why is everyone still talking about them? If you’re anything like me, you want the truth behind all the buzz about Bombas socks. After all, they are socks! Believe me, I get it. Bombas socks are worth all the hype. I have completely rewritten my stance on socks and can confirm that they are worth every penny.


What are Bombas, first of all? Bombas socks are socks made from pima cotton for children, men and women. They have a focus on comfort as well as performance. What’s better? They believe that giving back is the core of their work, so every pair bought, a pair is donated.

The Latin word for bumblebee is bombas. Bees live in a bee hive, and they work together to make the world a better place. Although they are small, their collective actions can have a huge impact on the world. That’s what we like. Our mantra is beebetter. This reminder is included in every Bombas garment as a reminder of how little improvements can make a huge difference and that your purchase directly helped someone in need.

After I’ve explained that, here are some reasons why Bombas is so much more beloved than the rest.


B Corp certification is given to companies that meet higher standards in social and environmental performance, bombas socks transparency and accountability. B Corps members are committed to using business to promote good in the world. Olukai and Casper mattresses are among the other companies.

“Bombas was awarded B Corp status because of our commitment to helping others with our One Purchased = one Donated business model. We also earned B Corp status for how we treat our employees and the volunteer work that we do regularly. It is also for the way we make company decisions. It is important because it demonstrates our serious commitment towards community and makes public our intentions as an organization.


Bombas socks are extremely comfortable, and this is something that should be obvious. They are so comfortable that my whole family uses them, since my mom bought them many years ago. For running and walking, I prefer nike socks that are low-cut. However, they shouldn’t ride too low so that my ankles chafe. It’s not an easy task, I know. Bombas is able to deliver on this task! No riding down, no chafing, nada! They are also no-show socks so the rubber doesn’t move at all, as Dane, who wears them every day with his Sperry’s, can attest.

There are many styles to choose from

Bombas has got you covered for everything: workout, hiking, no show, athletic, dressy, casual — Bombas has it all! Their athletic colorful socks are a must-have for anyone who is into fitness. They’ve made all the difference in my life and I am a Thorlo girl for life! Their ‘Hex Tec” construction for moisture-wicking and breathability is truly remarkable.

Bombas socks: Why they are so bomb!

It’s officially slip-on shoe season. This is also the season for stinky feet. That’s why I have been searching for peds that don’t suck. These socks are no-show and keep your feet dry, even while you’re wearing your Chuck Taylors, Vans, or if you’re Liz, Superga sneakers. Bombas socks have made me a happy girl, and my feet love them too.

Bombas socks were actually bought by me through a Facebook advertisement (yes, apparently they work!). I am so happy I did. I have a new favorite thing. They are no-show socks, or “Invisibles”, as they call them. The cotton is soft and comfortable. It’s thick enough to feel like you are wearing socks. I also love the heel grips that keep them from sliding down. You can adjust the coverage of the top to fit your shoes.

The best part is that for every pair of socks you buy, the company donates one pair to a shelter for homeless people. So, so cool.

The only thing I have is the “Bombas” on the top. This is not a problem since it shouldn’t be there. You know what?

These peds are definitely more expensive than the pair you can buy at your local store, so be aware of that when you shop on their website. They’ve been very well kept hidden and washed extremely well so far I’m happy I spent the money. I will buy more. Like, yesterday.

Bombas Women’s Originals Ankle Socks

  • Polyester,Cotton,Spandex
  • BLISTER TABS: Blister tabs are inserted into the heel of each sock to prevent friction and blisters to the feet.
  • HONEYCOMB ARCH SUPPORT: The innovative arch support provides additional strength to a pivotal area for more quality comfort.
  • MATERIAL: 69% Extra Long Staple Cotton 27% Polyester 3% Rubber 1% Spandex Calf Socks
  • Notice: In order to provide this offer at lower prices, a bulk order may be separated into individual products.



Product Description

Extra Long Staple Cotton keeps your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and their moisture-wicking properties ensure they’re dry and comfortable year-round. Bombas socks are known as the “Most Comfortable Socks in the History of Feet.” Bombas Women’s Originals Ankle Socks have a Seamless Toe, Blister Tab, Honeycomb Arch Support System and Extra Long Staple Cotton. Medium Size (US Shoe Size 8-10.5).