What is a Cowboy Hat?

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A cowboy hat is also known as a cowgirl or Western hat. It’s a broad-brimmed hat that protects cattle ranchers from the weather. Although wide-brimmed hats have been worn for centuries by people, the cowboy hat that we know today was created in 1865 by John B. Stetson. This hat was initially called the “Boss of the Plains” and was probably inspired by the hats worn in Northern Mexico by cattlemen or vaqueros. The fur-felt hat had a high crown and straight sides. It also had a wide brim. It was made to be fashionable, durable, waterproof, and stylish. Although the cowboy hat has evolved to many styles, it is still an iconic symbol of Western style.

How to choose the right cowboy hat

Personal preference is the most important factor in choosing the right cowboy cap. However, shopping based on your head shape can help you find the best cowboy helmet for you.

  1. The best cowboy hat shape is one that fits your head. Consider your face shape before you decide on a cowboy cap. Any type of cowboy cap is suitable for people with oval faces. A hat with a tall crown and a slanted-brim can be a good choice for people with round faces. A hat with a moderate-height crown is best for narrow, long faces. For square faces, hats with curved brims and round crowns are best. Choose a hat that has a shorter brim and a teardrop-shaped crown if you have a heart-shaped head.
  2. For the perfect fit, measure your head. Although cowboy hat manufacturers offer a range of sizes, it is best to use a measuring tape for the perfect fit. Place the tape measure or sizing tape in the middle your forehead, just above your ears. Secure it in place and wrap the tape around your head. Choose the smaller size if your measurements fall between the available sizes.

What to wear with a Cowboy Hat

Cowboy hats are available in many styles so there is a hat that suits every occasion. A black cowboy hat can be worn for formal occasions, while a straw or palm-leaf hat is suitable for casual occasions. Your cowboy hat can be paired with classic Western pieces like cowboy boots. A pair of black Chelsea boots will give you a modern look. Cowboy hats can be worn with jeans or a button-down shirt, but they can also be worn with shorts and a blouse.

6 Cowboy Hat Etiquette Tips

Cowboy hats are rooted in Western culture and tradition. They come with a list etiquette guidelines. Here are some rules cowboys follow when wearing cowboy hats.

  1. The bow at the back of your head is the part of the hat that has the brim: Some people are unsure which side of the cowboy hat is front or back. Look for a small bow attached to the sweatband inside the hat. The bow should be in the back.
  2. Allow your hat to get used to: Cowboy hats must be worn for a while before they can be purchased. The hat will likely be uncomfortable until it is worn for a while.
  3. It is customary to take off hats indoors: The most important cowboy hat rule is to take your hat off when you enter a public place or private residence. Your hat should be removed if you are attending a formal event. You can put your hat back on if it’s an informal event.
  4. When you aren’t wearing your hat, place it on the side: It is a tradition to remove your cowboy hat before you sit down for dinner. Place your cowboy hat on top of the crown, with the opening facing upwards. This will prevent the brim of your hat from becoming flattened. You can also hang it on a rack.
  5. Respect at funerals and weddings: Your cowboy hat should be removed at church, indoor weddings, and funerals. It is customary to take your hat off during funeral procesions.
  6. The right hat is for the right season: Straw cowboy hats can be worn from May through Labor Day. Felt cowboy caps can be worn throughout the year. This is a subjective decision that depends on where you live and the weather.

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