How do you choose the perfect pendant?

Meta title: Which pendant to choose to wear as a necklace?

It is often difficult to decide between all the pendants in jewelry shops. If you don’t know how to choose a product in accordance with the materials, the length of the chain, or the stones used to decorate the jewelry then you should read this entire guide to help you.

Do you prefer a silver or gold pendant?

The first thing to consider when selecting a pendant for ladies is the material used to make it. Jewelers usually provide silver, gold Fashion Tips or gold-plated pendants.

Gold is used the most because it is strong and flexible. It’s possible to change the color of any alloy, whether yellow, pink, or white. Although 9 karat is more expensive than 18 it’s not the least expensive.

You can go with silver for those who have a limited budget but still want high quality jewelry. Silver is a premium metal that has undisputed aesthetic qualities. However, it must be kept in good condition to prevent it from tarnishing.

Gold plating is a great alternative for those looking for jewelry that showcases the beauty of gold and still stay your spending limit. It’s a jewel made of silver simply covered with a thin coating of gold. Although it’s cheaper than gold, the gold plating is required to be returned to the jewelry shop for regular maintenance.

Pendants made of stones

A lot of pendants contain at least one gemstone in the center of a gold or silver bezel. However, precious stones should be distinct from semi-precious stones.

Precious stones

Precious stones are the best known and come in four number. Diamonds are the most well-known, recognized because of its brilliance and generally white color (although you can also find colored diamonds that are more rare). The jewelry of women can also be adorned with three other precious gemstones that include the sapphire (an intense blue hue) as well as the emerald and the ruby (a deep red hue). They can be quite different in their quality. Four factors can influence the value of a gem such as weight in carats color, purity and size.

Semi-precious stones

If you’re looking for slightly more original alternatives or your budget is a bit limited semi-precious stones can be an option. Certain imitations mimic the precious stones with great accuracy (topaz for sapphire, peridot for emerald and garnet for ruby) However, others display distinctive colors. Among the Fashion Advice┬ámost famous fine stones , we find amethyst, quartz, aquamarine lapis lazuli, mother of pearl or even moonstone.

Choosing the right chain for a pendant

After you’ve picked the pendant you love It is important to locate a matching chain that suits your style, wishes and needs. Length is therefore one of the first criteria to consider.

If you are planning to wear your pendant every throughout the day, you should to choose an Princess necklace, the length of which ranges between 42 and 45 centimeters. The most popular chain is one that stops just below the shoulders. You can consider the Matinee or longer necklace.

It is not recommended to have the length of your necklace should be shorter than the neck. If you do would like to do so, select an item that is in proportion to the length of the chain.

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