How To Dress Like A Korean

How To Dress Like A Korean

Do you want to know what kind of clothes to wear to appear as if you understand the fundamentals of Korean fashion? Well, you’ve come to the right place! You should know that the Korean style is not something that can be defined by a single glance. The use of practical layering, topcoats, and authentic pieces of denim are just a few of the elements that comprise the well-known Korean fashion style. Here is a list of must-have Dress Like A Korean clothing pieces that will help you get started on the basics of Korean fashion:

  • Oversized pullovers
  • Ripped jeans
  • Chunky boots
  • Sneakers
  • Big sunglasses
  • Suits
  • Backpacks
  • A-shaped skirts

Biker jackets and most importantly

White tees.

These key pieces of clothing, combined with a knowledge of layering, will give you the impression of not looking like a foreigner in Korea.

For a long time, Korea has been associated with fashion. Korean fashion can be defined as a way of life that Koreans live every day, regardless of the occasion. Whether it’s for work, sports, a day off, dinner, school, or a casual outing, we can expect Koreans to be well-dressed no matter where they go. Korean fashion is for everyone and anyone unlike the Western fashion culture, where people are expected to dress up in gendered colors, limiting what they can or cannot wear, Korean fashion enables people to wear a variety of colors and dress up for any occasion without regard for color restrictions. Now that we’ve established that Korea expands the possibilities for what men and women can wear, let’s take a look at the general Korean fashion tips, and how to dress like a Korean man and woman.

General Korean Fashion Advice

As previously stated, Korean fashion is a way of life and Koreans dress up for any occasion. Below are some suggestions you can keep in mind if you want to dress like a Korean.

No Matching Patterns

If you take a stroll through the streets of Seoul, Korea’s capital, you will notice that few people wear matching tops and bottoms. As strange as it may appear, pattern mixing is a part of Korean individualism and style. Koreans simply enjoy combining patterns. Suits for men in Korea are the only exception. Korean men’s suits almost always have tops and bottoms that match.

No Business Casual

While it is very common in Western fashion culture to wear business casual to work, it is not acceptable in Korean fashion. In Korea, there are even dress codes for how men and women should present themselves at work. Women should wear blazers, closed shoes, skirts, or suit pants, whereas men should wear suits or proper business attire.


Backpacks are a must-have fashion item for both men and women in Korea, not to mention that a backpack will come in handy. So make sure to accessorize your look with a backpack.

What to Wear to Look Like A Korean Man

Korean men are extremely fashionable! They dress to impress and they are not afraid to wear bright colors. Here are some tips on how to dress like a Korean man: 

Practical Layering

Korean men love to dress in layers. Casual layering outfits worn by Korean men include biker jackets worn with a white t-shirt tucked into classic blue jeans and boots and suede jackets worn with a basic white tee, stovepipe jeans, and Chelsea boots.

Active Wear Styling

Korean men are obsessed with hoodies and topcoats when it comes to activewear styling. These are typically worn with skinny jeans and Doc Martens boots, or with active-inspired trousers and white gym shoes.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Denim!

Korean men adore denim. Take a stroll through the streets of Korea, and you’ll see men wearing double denim suits with massive holes. Another advantage they have is that they do not look shabby in denim. If you don’t like the distressed look, stick to selvage denim, sneakers, and a simple white shirt.

There are some things to consider when wearing Korean men’s fashion because Korean men’s clothing has some rules and regulations. Some of them include: 

No bold suit colors

As it was previously stated, Koreans take business attire very seriously. Business is a no-nonsense endeavor, and wearing brightly colored suits makes you appear unprofessional.


Grooming is an important part of Korean beauty care, and Korean men’s fashion emphasizes having a well-groomed man. By well-groomed, we mean that one’s facial hair is well-maintained and clean-cut. Many Korean men even prefer a clean-shaven appearance, and it should be noted that Korean men’s fashion includes grooming their facial hair.


Although Korean women can show as much skin as they want, Korean men have leg exposure restrictions. It is a general rule in Korea that Korean men should only wear shorts whose length corresponds to the end of their fingertips. Also do not forget that in Korea, shorts are more commonly worn for casual occasions than for formal occasions.

How To Dress Like A Korean Woman

Women’s fashion in Korea comes in a variety of different styles you can choose from to express your individuality. They include:

The Oversized Clothing Look

Korean women love to wear clothes that are oversized enough to hide their forms. Oversized Clothing is typical Korean style and is a popular casual attire. These clothes give them maximum comfort while rocking a cute but casual appearance. Korean women typically pair an oversized top with a tight bottom, while others may pair an oversized top with a loose bottom. These are popular types of styles among Korean women.

Dress Over Blouse Look

In Korea, exposing your shoulders or chest area is considered quite inappropriate, so Koreans prefer to layer their outfits by wearing a dress over a top. To achieve this look, you can wear lowcut dresses over long-sleeved tops or midi dresses over blouses, then pair them with sneakers or chunky boots. This will give you a chic and modest Korean look.

Schoolgirl look

Korean women’s fashion is also well-known for its cute schoolgirl look. You can wear high-waisted mini skirts or pleated skirts with a white tee and a cute cardigan to achieve this look.


Korean women love hats. They own hats in all shapes and sizes. They have everything from simple baseball caps, bucket hats, beanies, and snapbacks. They usually pair it with their chosen outfit to complete the Korean look. So another way you can complete your Korean look is to get a stylish hat.