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We’re here to help you get out of your fashion meltdown! We have gathered 20 fashion tips for women that will change your life. Learn how to dress Well and understand your body. Also, get some advice on making fashion magic happen. We are confident that you will adopt a “out with the old” attitude once you’ve read the last sentence.


Consider yourself. Think about your fashion preferences, what you like to wear, and how they make you look. Be confident in your choices. If you feel comfortable and happy in your clothes, you can achieve any look.

You don’t have to be a fashion expert. There are plenty of inspirations right around the corner. Start browsing with a magazine or your phone. Browse through articles, social media and Google. You never know, Kylie Jenner could be your next fashion queen for makeup and outfit inspirations!


Make sure you fit the outfit well. Your body will look disproportionately large if you wear too small or too tight clothes. We have 5 body types to help you choose the right clothes for you.

People with apple bodies have their stomachs and busts prominent. The waist is more hidden. Your waist, cleavage and legs are the most important areas. To define your waist, add a belt to the top of your stomach. To draw attention to your legs and upper body, wear v necks or shorts. To avoid bumps on your sides, opt for drape clothing.

Pear-shaped women have wider hips than shoulders, rounder thighs, shorter legs than the upper body and a visible waist. Your upper body is the most important part of clothes. Wearing a bright-colored top and dark jeans will make your hips look dull. Wear dresses that have the top half of the dress well cinched and the bottom half loose. Long cardigans and coats should not hug your hips.


Think about the colors that will work with your skin tone when choosing outfits or jewelry. Let’s get started if you don’t know what your skin color is and which colors match it.

There are three types of skin tones: neutral, warm and cool. Warm-colored skin should wear red, oranges, honey gold, amber and golden yellow. For those with cool skin, bright blue, deep purples, lavender, and sapphire should be your go-to colors. Soft rose, placid, light blue, dusty pink, and light peach are the best neutral colors. When matching colors, the color wheel can be a great help.

How can you determine your skin’s tone? Good question. There are three ways to accomplish this.

First, look at your veins. If your veins are green, you’re considered warm-toned. If your veins appear blue or purple, then you are cool-toned. If you can’t tell your veins’ colors apart, you’re neutral. This can be verified if your skin’s complexion (or natural color) is olive.

If you are still having trouble with your veins, then try the white paper test. Place a piece of paper next to your skin. Warm people will notice a yellowish-yellow skin next to a piece of white paper. You’re cooler if your skin looks rosy, bluish or pink. If none of these are true, you are neutral.

Third, use jewelry to determine your skin’s undertone. Take out silver or gold to find the one that best suits your skin. Silver works best with cool or neutral-toned skin.


After you have completed the three-point assessment, take a look through your closet. Choose items that match your style, body type, and skin tone. Your wardrobe will be too cluttered to find the items you need. You’re also wasting space by storing clothes that you don’t use in your wardrobe.

These are some tips for organizing your closet.

If your clothes aren’t suitable for a season, you should first clean out your closet. You don’t want your wool sweater taking up half of your summer clothes space if it’s winter. You can keep your current clothes, but you should move out-of-season clothing to another closet.

Second, only keep pieces you love. Keep items you don’t touch or remember that often. You should have enough space in your closet for the items that are important to you.

The third step is to choose a limit on the amount of clothes you keep. You can choose the top 10 outfits you love from your 35,912 clothing pieces. The 35,902 pieces you didn’t choose must be said goodbye. But not completely. We’ll get to that in a moment.

Fourth, stop buying so many clothes. You may be tempted by the latest products in shops, but you must control your shopping impulses. You need to choose clothes that fit you. Your wardrobe could explode with too many shirts and too few pants!


Good tailoring is essential to being able to look good. Your outfits should fit your body and look great on you. Don’t wear clothes that are too large, too small or too tight.

Find a tailor if you need to adjust pieces you have purchased. To find the perfect fit, let them measure you and your items. If your pants are too large on you, your tailor will make them smaller.

Ask your tailor for cute designs that reflect your personal style to enhance your clothing. You could add pearl buttons to your denim jacket. We guarantee you will give your denim jacket a new stylish look.

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